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Increase Asset Availability and Reliability

Maximo, when combined with the power of IoT data from people, sensors and devices, can provide warning signals from assets—reducing unplanned downtime and increasing operational efficiency. With this data, it also enables near real-time visibility into asset usage across multiple sites, extends the useful life of equipment, improves return on assets and defers new purchases.

IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights

IBM™ Maximo® Asset Health Insights enables clients to manage the health of their assets using a wide variety of IoT data. It combines data from asset sensors and other sources like the weather, with asset records and work history, and then applies analytics to calculate health scores for assets. These scores can be used to advise maintenance and operations staff on asset status in a single dashboard.

How Maximo can work for you

Asset Management

Manage all types of assets by defining and describing asset capabilities, developing hierarchical relationships, monitoring specific asset details, and providing related documentation that can be automatically fed into work streams.

Work Management

​Streamline planning, scheduling, routing and work completion with improved work order management. Organize work based on priority, resources and assets.

​Procurement and materials management

Plan inventory to meet maintenance demand precisely, making the right parts available at the right location when needed.​

Maximo Anywhere

Maximo Anywhere is a single-vendor mobile solution designed to improve productivity in the field. Providing support for connected and disconnected scenarios, Maximo Anywhere is built on the IBM MobileFirst platform and provides rolo-based mobile applications so maintenance staff can perform work, asset and inventory related processes from smartphones, tablets and ruggedized mobile devices.

Scheduler Plus

​Scheduler Plus is an advanced work management solution that gives businesses the tools they need to manage both field workforce and complex projects like shutdowns, outages and turnarounds. Businesses can now book appointments by using real-time data to match up technicians and customers based on location, availability and the technician's skillset. Weather data integration helps schedule customer appointments and maintenance tasks more accurately. Tools for managing complex projects help model and manage complex network dependencies in a single graphical view.

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